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Internship Reflection & Evaluation (‘Welcome Back Session’)


Admission requirements



The last week of part B of the minor will be dedicated to a Welcome Back session with all students and internship supervisors, where students will present their work and experiences, for which they are graded.

Course objectives

After the course students are able to:

  • Evaluate realistically the potential and limitations of their achievement in the field;

  • Clearly present the contribution of their own field in solving a specific problem of frugal innovation (scientific or other).



Mode of instruction

In-class group based assignments, presentations.

Course Load

28 total hours of study

Assessment method


Presentation in class and participation in class


Final grade: 50% presentation + 50 % participation

The final grades for the presentation and participation should be 6,0 or higher. Together they should be a 6,0 or higher to pass the course


A re-sit is not possible.

Exam Review



All students who went for an internship abroad have to be present in the course. The teachers and the minor coordinator have to be notified in advance for the absences. The students who are absent more than one day will not pass the module.


In this course, Blackboard is used to present and exchange information.

Reading list



You can register for the whole minor and for each individual course in uSis.


If you have questions, please contact the minor coordinators (André Leliveld, Emma Hesselink and Maaike Westra) at