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Internship Material Culture Studies


Admission requirements

  • Admission to the MSc Archaeology programme;

  • This course is only open to students with Material Culture Studies as their first focus area.


This internship aims to familiarise you with different materials, to teach you how to design and conduct a scientific experiment, how to carry out a proper sampling programme, and how to do laboratory analyses.

The internship will consist of a small research project of 3 weeks or 15 working days. The project may include tasks such as the laboratory analysis of artefacts or participation in a field project run by the Material Culture Studies Research Group at one of the two experimental projects the group is involved in.

For internship projects that involve experimental research, the experiments undertaken will relate to current research projects of the Material Culture Studies Research Group (prof. dr. A.L. van Gijn, prof. dr. A.N. Brysbaert and prof. dr. P.A.I.H. Degryse, assisted by D.R. Pomstra, drs. A. Verbaas and L.F.H.C. Jacobs), but suggestions from other staff members are welcome.
Preferably, the experiments should not be an end in themselves, but they should provide data that can be subsequently studied in a laboratory context.

At the end of the internship you are required to produce an internship report.

Course objectives

  • Ability to use scientific equipment (e.g., stereomicroscope, incident light microscopy, transmitted light microscopy, pXRF) for the analysis of artefacts;

  • Ability to design, implement and successfully complete a small research project (work plan, project objectives, scheduling of tasks, reporting, etc);

  • Learn to produce written reports for research projects.


To be determined individually.

Mode of instruction

Autonomous work with (some) supervision.

Course load

The course load will be distributed as follows:

  • Proposal and reflective report (1 ec);

  • Internship of 3 weeks/15 working days (4 ec).

Assessment method

  • Work proposal (10%);

  • Evaluation of the practical skills (50%);

  • Written Internship Report (40%).

The Internship Report needs to be handed in within 6 weeks after the end of the internship.

Reading list

To be specified according to the project.


Registration for the course or the exam is not required.


For more information about this course, please contact prof. dr. A.L. (Annelou) van Gijn.


Compulsory attendance.