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Finances in the EU


Organised by Jagiellonian University, Krakow

Admission requirements

Admission to the European Politics and Society Joint Master Programme


Main topics to be covered in the course: Theory of financial markets. Development of
financial structures (Nordic versus Anglo-Saxon models). Valuation of financial
instruments – both underlying and derivative ones. Efficient market hypothesis versus
behavioural finance. “Financialisation” of European economies. Moral hazard and
asymmetry of information. Too big to fail, too important to fail, too interconnected to fail.
Consequences of the global financial crisis on European financial markets. Systemic risk
measure and regulation. European Systemic Risk Board. Basel III regulation. European
Banking Authority. Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies.


  • Dr Mariusz Trojak

Course Load

  • Two weekly 60 minutes lecture and seminar sessions over 12 weeks