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EU Administration, Justice and Home Affairs


Organised by Jagiellonian University, Krakow

Admission requirements

Admission to the European Politics and Society Joint Master Programme


The main objective of the course is to introduce students to both basic and more detailed
topics related to the EU Member States’ cooperation in fields of administration, justice and
home affairs. The course is composed of two major parts: In the first, the main emphasis
will be put on selected aspects of EU contribution to the Europeanisation of public
administration and civil services of Member States. The second part is dedicated to the
creation and functioning of the EU area of freedom, security and justice – since the
emergence of Justice and Home Affairs cooperation in its historical context, through the
evolution of Member States’ activity and cooperation within that area until the post-Lisbon


  • Dr Artur Gruszczak, Dr Grzegorz Pozarlik

Course Load

  • Two weekly 60 minutes lecture and seminar sessions over 12 weeks