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Research Proposal (BMS)


Provisional Program

Admission requirements

The student has finished Junior Research Project I (JRP-I) and has handed in the written report of JRP-I at DOO. The course How to write a research proposal has successfully been completed.
The application for JRP- II has been approved by the Master’s Internship Committee.


The research proposal contains an abstract and a description of (1) the background of the study with coverage of the relevant literature, (2) hypotheses, aims and objectives, (3) plan of investigation including the planning of the experiments in the available time. Guidelines and the research project form can be found on Blackboard.

Course objectives

To qualify for JRP-II, the student writes a research proposal under the guidance of the project coordinator of JRP-II. In writing the proposal, the student should demonstrate his or her:

  • knowledge and understanding of the field;

  • ability to integrate this knowledge;

  • originality in developing and applying ideas to a research project;

  • problem solving abilities in new areas of research;

  • ability to write a well-structured and clear project plan.

Assessment method

The research proposal should be approved by the project coordinator and by the Master’s Internship Committee. Assessment is pass/no pass.