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Research Project 1 - Practical Work


This information is without prejudice. Alterations can be made for next year


Research Project I trains students to independently conduct scientific research in one of the Divisions of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR). The research takes 36 weeks of 40 hours a week, including writing the thesis and preparing the oral presentation (‘colloquium’). Guidelines for Research Project I are available on the Blackboard module ‘MSc Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences’.

Admission requirements

Master students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. The student has written a research proposal, and has attended the mandatory safety training (part of “Introduction course BPS”).

Mode of instruction

Practical work, self study, discussions.

Course objectives

  • The student is able to make use of his/her knowledge when conducting experiments

  • The student has demonstrated competence in the applied experimental activities of the project

  • The student is able to work independently

  • The student is able to contribute new ideas

  • The student is able to conduct innovative research and shows academic attitude

  • The student is able to function adequately in the research group

Assessment method

The level at which the student has reached the course objectives during the conduct of his/her Research Project I will be assessed; the minimum grade is 6.0.

During Research Project I, the progress of the student is evaluated every 3 months (in week 12, 24 and 36). The (daily) supervisor is responsible for this evaluation process and is obliged to fill out the form and discuss the progress with the student. In case a student is graded "insufficient" for one or more of the evaluated parts of the Research Project I practical work in week 12 and/or 24, a plan of action is made with agreements on how to improve these parts in order to reach a sufficient level. Please note that in case the final grade of the Practical Work of Research Project I is (still) graded as "insufficient", the entire Research Project I will need to be conducted again, including the Thesis and the Oral Presentation, under supervision of a different daily supervisor and first examiner.


Before starting the RP1 the student needs to get approval from the study adviser using the agreement form published on Blackboard. A project description needs to be included. Students from the bachelor BFW also need to send in their motivation letter they have written to the division.