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Admission requirements

The course is open for all students that are enrolled in the LDE Minor Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Development.


The importance of Frugal Innovation has begun to thaw; people, companies and governments are exploring and grasping the importance of embedding society within business practice to achieve longer-term survivability and positive growth prospects. The question for this three day bootcamp is how you can design an inquisitive and explorative process to tackle your field assignment. It will be the first time that the groups for the field assignments will work intensively together. Therewith the bootcamp is an important stepping stone towards a more precise formulation of your field assignment and getting the experience of working in a multidisciplinary group. At the end of the course, you present your outcomes to experts in the field. This is a high-paced, innovative course that allows you to apply your skills. As such, be prepared to work fast and think creatively!

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define a problem by using a user story

  • Apply creative problem solving methods to generate unexpected ideas

  • Critically assess identify the riskiest assumptions underpinning your solution

  • Develop a proposal to test your assumptions during your field assignment

  • Present and pitch their solutions to real multiple (real) stakeholders

  • Reflect on the experience of working in a group consisting of diverse backgrounds


24, 25 and 26 September 2019.


Scientific and professional papers and teaching cases, to be provided or indicated via Blackboard.


Evaluation of presentations and intermediate and final written assignments. Details will be presented in the syllabus for the minor.

Course Load

56 total hours of study


Blackboard at Leiden University is used to present course information, notify you of changes to the course and to make course materials available.


You register for this course through uSis, Leiden University.


If you have questions about this course, please contact the course coordinator Ir. Sjoerd Louwaars,, or send an-email to