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Collaboration Africa


Collaboration Africa

This course has three modules (I) Building Networks through four webinars followed-up with educational excursions (II) A Critical Engagement with Advancing the SDGs is a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) that is set up as a global classroom, which brings students together with a group of students from African universities in an interactive learning platform, and (III)
an three week interdisciplinary field study tour that offers students an opportunity to experience what they have learnt in a real-life situation. Students will have an option of joining a three week pre-arranged group visit to one of three or four African states or a Dutch-based organisation in the Netherlands that is serving Africa. There will be additional study costs in the range of 2000 Euro in all African-based field studies. Students will be informed and assisted in applying for available scholarships, to cover a part of these costs.

The programme consists out of informative excursions, guest speakers and structured opportunities to converse with local people. Depending on student preferences and the availability of venues, a choice between three locations will be made, namely (i) Tamale-area, Northern Ghana (ii) Rabat-area, Morocco (iii) and Cape Town-area, South Africa. There is also an option for students who can or do not want to travel abroad, to visit NGOs in The Netherlands that operate in Africa.
Students are required to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. The African Studies Centre Leiden will negotiate group packages at reasonable rates, and assist students to apply for subsidies if required.


Strengthen African partnerships, network with policy makers, practitioners and stakeholders, and develop sustainable project planning skills.
Objective: To gain foundational understanding of the policies, stakeholder and partnership frameworks that inform EU-Dutch-African relations, develop critical, transdisciplinary and innovative approaches to sustainable development and experience working and conducting research in Africa.
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:
1) identify strategies, policies and agreements that support EU/NL/African collaboration
2) build African focused strategic alliance and partnership networks to strengthen collaboration
3) evaluate the significance of a systemic approach in sustainable interventions
4) assess the possibilities that partnerships offer in sustainable project initiatives
5) analyse the complexities of stakeholder participation in sustainable development
6) clarify how adaptation planning can be incorporated in planning sustainable projects
7) observe themes introduced in the course
8) connect with local communities and develop international networks



Mode of instruction

  • Lecture

  • Excursion

  • Field study tour

Further modes of instruction

  • Webinars

  • SPOC

Course Load

15 EC x 28 hours= 420 hours

  • Lectures: 10 hours

  • Practical work: Educational Excursions: 32 hours

  • Preparation tutorials: Webinars: 16 hours

  • Tutoring:

  • Study of compulsory literature: 80 hours

  • Assignment(s): 56 hours

  • Tutorials: Online Collaboration: 126 hours

  • Preparation exam:

  • Exam(s):

  • Other components: Field Study 100 hours

Assessment method and weights

Online participation and collaboration (20%)
SPOC Assignment (40%)
Field study report (40%)


Same subtest as the first, within given timeframe.

Inspection and feedback

How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will have to be organized.


Blackboard will be used for:

  • Announcements
    *Course Information
    *Assignments submission of papers

Reading list

Booklists to follow (Strive to only use library and online publications).


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.
General information about uSis is available on the website

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Contact information

Prof. Dr. M. (Marleen Dekker):profile

Madi Ditmars profile

Contact: All communications to


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