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Admission Requirements

Bachelor degree (completed)


The portfolio is meant to give a good insight in, and overview of, the different works that have been created, as part of the Media Technology MSc studies. This includes all the courses (including electives, projects and the graduation research) for which the student has to realize own output (including written output like essays and papers). In order to realize the portfolio, students have to actively document their work during their study. The portfolio contains documentation and representations of the works and creates a context around these works in order to convey clear impressions. It does not contain the actual works themselves.

These documentations and representations should be presented in a form that is consistent across the works. Furthermore, the presentation format should have an identifiable structure. Example structures include, but are not limited to, chronological structure or categorizations of works. Students are asked to develop their own original form and structure. It could have the form of a pdf, website, etc. and include photos, video, sound, etc. Portfolios (also) need to have a digital form that enables offline storage and offline access/presentation.

Consultation and advice regarding the portfolio can be requested from the Media Technology executive board members and within meetings of the Graduation Lab course.

Course Objectives

Learning to compile, structure and document academic output that exists in another form than (only) the written form.

Time Table

Not applicable

Mode of Instruction


Assessment Method

The portfolio is submitted through a dedicated course on Blackboard, after which it is evaluated by an appointed reviewer. The evaluation consists of a short paragraph with feedback and a Pass/Fail grade.

There is a possibility to improve a portfolio that has received a Fail after the evaluation of the first submission.



Reading List

Not applicable


  • You have to sign up for courses and exams (including retakes) in uSis.

  • Please also register for the course in [Blackboard].


Barbara Visscher-van Grinsven, programme coordinator/study advisor for the Media Technology MSc programme (


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