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Thesis Seminar Political Legitimacy and Justice - Fall 2019


General information meeting on the Thesis Seminar Fall 2019:

Wednesday 8 May 2019, 11.00-13.00 in room 1A15 (PDLC Building). During this meeting the instructors will explain and discuss the general thesis seminar procedures and expectations and students can ask questions about the thesis seminars.


Students choose (one of) the thesis seminar(s) offered within their specialisation. It is strongly recommended that students start thinking about the topic of their thesis before the start of the classes. Attendance is compulsory for all classes. Detailed information about the study material and the writing process can be found on Blackboard.

Course Objectives

Objective: 1. To deepen the understanding of theories and methods related to research on the theme of the Master Specialisation.
Objective: 2. Applying them to a specific topic as part of the student’s Master thesis project.

Thesis Seminar Political Legitimacy and Justice - Nieuwenburg (act. code: tba)

In this thesis seminar students are supposed to finalize their draft proposals (which are the final papers of the preceding seminars on legitimacy and justice) into a full-blooded research proposal. This will be converted in master thesis. The students are free to pick a subject of their liking, as long as it addresses issues that belong to the relevant portion of political philosophy.

Specific Course Objectives

  • skilled writing

  • conceptual analysis

  • logical proficiency

  • argumentative skills necessary for arguing a position in the field.

Course Load

Total course load: 560 hours, of which

  • Contact hours: 30

  • Studying literature: 265 hours

  • Preparing for and writing final paper: 265 hours

Reading list

The student is supposed to garner his or her own literature – which will be individually assessed.

Additional Information

Please note that for some seminars there will be no additional substantive readings than the ones discussed in the courses they build on.


Registration will be taken care of by the OSC/SSC in the last week of August.
Registration is open for students that started their Master in one of the Political Science specialisations, in February 2019. All other students should contact the exam committee to request permission to take this thesis seminar. Students can take the thesis seminar only once in their academic year.