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Late Cursive (Abnormal) Hieratic Papyrology I


Admission requirements

Hieratic and Late Egyptian grammar. Knowledge of Demotic is not required, but handy.


Reading of documentary published texts.

Course objectives

Improving the ability to independently read Late Cursive (Abnormal) Hieratic texts with a view to scientific publication. Learning to combine the extracted data with mainstream Egyptology and understanding the sources in the context of Late Period Egypt.


Please consult the Classics and Ancient Civilizations website.

Mode of instruction


Course Load

Preparation for classes (14 x 16 hrs.): 224 hrs.
Additional classes, e.g. on publication techniques, and preparation for the written exam: 56 hrs.

Assessment method

Presence, preparation and participation (30%) and written exam (70%).


The final grade for the course is established by determining the weighted average.


Should the overall mark be unsatisfactory, students can take a resit for the final written exam (70% of the final grade) after consultation with the lecturer. There is no resit for 'presence, preparation and participation in class'.

Inspection and feedback

Students will be invited to see the written exam as the results have been published.


Blackboard is used for this course.

Reading list

Please contact the lecturer.


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.
General information about registration in uSis is available in English and Dutch.

Exchange and Study Abroad students: please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to register.

Registration Studeren à la carte and Contractonderwijs

Not applicable.


Dr. K. Donker van Heel:, 06-28381466.


The course will be taught in Dutch or English, depending on the first language of participating students.