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Introductory Research Project


Admission requirements

Not applicable.


A research project deals with research and innovation. The research conducted in a research project is part of the research focus of the institute. It can involve e.g., writing a survey article covering the latest developments in a field, extending or improving an algorithm and conducting systematic empirical tests, or theoretical work such as analyzing an algorithm or proving a theorem. The student needs to write a scientific report explaining the results of the research project.
The research project is executed under the supervision of a research staff member at LIACS. Research project topics are provided within the Master Class, as well as by directly speaking with individual supervisors.

Learning objectives

By means of a research project, the student learns to:

  • study and understand scientific literature reflecting the latest developments in a specific field of research,

  • make an independent analysis of scientific problems,

  • interrelate and integrate various areas of the specific field of research,

  • write a scientific report/article about the results of his/her analysis of a particular field of research or topic of interest in that field, and

  • propose own modifications of existing methods or algorithms or own research ideas based on his/her analysis.


The most recent timetable can be found on the students' website.

Mode of instruction

  • Writing a scientific essay/project report.

Course Load

Hours of Study: 504
Practical work/Research: 384
Report writing: 120

Assessment method

The final mark is determined by the scientific essay/project report.

Reading list

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


There is no specific website for the research project. Potential topics can be found on the website of the Master Class.