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Molecular Biology (MB)


Core course in MSc Chemistry

Admission requirements

BSc in MST or equivalent Chemistry degree, Cell Biology course of Chemical Biology or related course. Students should be familiar with the basic concepts of cell biology including gene transcription, translation and protein modifications. This course is not intended for students with a BSc degree in LST.


The course starts with the fundamental principles of cell chemistry and biosynthesis. An overview will be given on basic genetic molecular mechanisms including chromosomes and genomes. The control of gene expression at different levels will be discussed in detail as well as epigenetic aspects. Moreover, posttranscriptional regulation and protein modifications are presented. The use of micro-organisms as used in cloning and as source of novel chemicals and biologicals will be discussed. Finally, several genetic disease will be presented with molecular mechanism and potential therapeutic options. The derailment of molecular processes resulting in diseases such as cancer are given as well as potential therapeutic options will round-up the previous lectures.

At the end of the course students:

  • will have general knowledge of fundamental principles in Molecular Biology

  • will have knowledge of the fundamental principles in control of gene expression

  • will have an overview of the applications of Molecular Biology as a tool to study disease states

  • will have knowledge of the principles of molecular derailment in diseases such as cancer and several monogenetic diseases

  • can digest and present a summary of a scientific article from the literature

  • will be able to write abstracts and mini reviews dealing with Molecular Biology

Mode of instruction





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The course is based on the following book: “Molecular Biology of the Cell” 6th edition by Alberts et al. (ISBN: 978-0-8153-4464-3) will be used. Per lecture a recent scientific review related to a Molecular Biology topic will be discussed.
Slides presented during the courses


Writing of 2 abstracts (300 words, each 15% of final mark) and 2 essays (1500 words, each 35% of final mark).

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