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Oriëntatie Bioinformatica





This course will provide an overview of the interface between informatics and biology and will explore where the field of bioinformatics fits into science and society. You will gain experience in some of the basic principles and commonly used resources in bioinformatics and will examine recent literature.


  • Familiarity with basic bioinformatics principles and resources

  • Understanding common challenges in bioinformatics research

  • Learning to interpret scientific and social developments in the field


De meest recente roosters zijn te vinden op de Studenten-website:

The schedule will remain the same, but all classes will be online. Some sessions will be webinars (interactive lectures), some will be practical assignments using online resources and some will be interactive discussions. A detailed timetable showing the content of each session and where and how to participate is available on Blackboard.


  • Interactive lectures

  • Interactive exercise classes and discussions

  • Offline practical assignments to be submitted and discussed in interactive sessions


There is no final exam for this course. Students will pass the course by participating in practical exercises, attending interactive online lectures/discussions and completing three practical assignments. The assignments will examine skills in bioinformatics data analysis, bioinformatics literature interpretation, and bioinformatics in the news.


Links to reading material and course literature will be provided throughout the course in the lectures and on Blackboard.


Aanmelden via Usis: Selfservice > Studentencentrum > Inschrijven Activiteitencodes te vinden via de facultaire website


Dr Katy Wolstencroft – email and skype names available on Blackbaord

Prof Fons Verbeek – email and skype names available on Blackboard

Prof Vera van Noort - email and skype available on Blackboard

Onderwijscoördinator Informatica, Riet Derogee