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Admission requirements

Admission to the MSc programme Chemistry or Life Science & Technology


MSc students starting per September 2019 or later have to take the compulsory co-curricular component “WORK!”. Students will have to Write an application letter and CV, attend seminars and workshops for job market Orientation, and have to Reflect on their sKills, strengths and weaknesses. After finalisation of this component they will have acquired improved Knowledge of what they are good at and what kind of career they would like to pursue! This component comprises a number of activities and workshops to create awareness of the job market, and give students insight in their skills, abilities and weaknesses.

During the two years of the MSc programme, a number of different activities will be offered, some of which will be compulsory, and others can be chosen. The activities will comprise: alumni-events (lectures, speed-dating), workshops offered by the Career Service, self-assessment and self-reflection tasks, participation in excursions to companies or a visit to the ‘β-banenmarkt’. All students have to do a self-evaluation test at the start of their programme, take part in the workshop ‘CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter’ during their studies, and write a self-reflection after finalisation of their major research project. In addition students take at least 6 of the workshops or other activities that are offered by the programme or career service during their studies.

Course objectives

During this component students:

  • Will start with a self-evaluation on their knowledge, skills, experience, goals and study choices

  • Will reflect on their skills, their strong points and points for improvement, based on the experiences and feedback they receive in the (interim) evaluations of their major research

  • project.

  • Identify and reflect on their career and lifestyle aims

  • Get acquainted with job and career perspectives for Chemists or Life Scientists

  • Will be trained in writing of application letters and CV.

  • Learn about actions they can take to prepare for their transition from study to work

Mode of instruction

Instructions are provided via the Blackboard module WORK!: Career orientation. Reflection assignments will subsequently become available during the master program and have to be turned in digitally. Feedback to assignments will be provided digitally.
Activities can be undertaken during the whole master program of the student and students make their own selection and planning of activities.

Assessment method

Pass/no pass.

Assignments have to be handed in before the deadlines that will be communicated via Blackboard. Reports of various activities have to be handed in within 10 days after the specific activity. To pass the course students should:

  1. Hand in a written self-evaluation based on the “Competency test” within 4 weeks of the start of the MSc programme.
  2. Hand in the “WORK! sheet” with signatures for at least 6 events within 18 months from the start of the MSc programme (within 12 months for students in the Education specialisation)
  3. Hand in a written self-reflection based on the MSc major research project and the “Work values test” together with the MSc thesis.
  4. Have taken the career service workshop “CV and cover letter” before graduation.