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International Labour Law


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to familiarise students with labour law from an international perspective as developed, promoted and regulated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Established in 1919 and strongly settled in principles of global justice and social justice, the ILO has over the course of time developed a body of norms with universal value. Knowledge of the ILO, in particular its tripartite institutional organisation, refined system of supervision, the fundamental conventions, and Governance conventions, is necessary to understand which norms are to be applied and complied with worldwide. How wide the impact of its norms on the world of work is, was demonstrated in June 2012 when the Employers' Group contested the interpretation of the right to strike in a specific Convention by specific ILO Supervisory Body. Topics include a historical introduction to the ILO, its organisational structure, supervisory mechanism, the fundamental rights conventions, the governance conventions, labour standards policy, and the ILO programmes on Decent work and Better work.

Course Requirement

Master Degree


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Assessment Method

  • Academic paper: 20%

  • Final exam: 80%

Contact information

Programme Coordinator
Ms Patricia Garcia Fernandez
Telephone number: 0031- 71 527 4228

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