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European Labour Law


Course Description

This course is dedicated to the employment law of the European Union. The European Union EU) with its supranational legal order has a significant influence on the employment laws of its Member States. Additionally, European employment law is considered to be well developed and offering relatively high levels of protection for workers, therefore it serves as source of inspiration for other parts of the world. Attention will be paid to the position of employment law within the wider context of the European Union, in particular with the international market and the EU's financial and economic policies; what the EU's social model is and how this relates to that of the Member States; the effect of the EU directives and fundamental labour rights on the domestic legal orders of the Member States, with particular attention for the situation between employer and employee; and several specific issues of employment law, including employee involvement, equal treatment, flexible forms of employment, occupational health and safety, and working time. Students will learn when and how EU is to be applied and can be relied on in judicial cases. Concrete cases will be used throughout the course to learn how to apply this knowledge in practice, including a moot court. The course aims to provide students with profound knowledge and understanding of the content of EU labour law, and explain how it can be relied upon in practice. Upon completion of the course students will be able to solve complex cases based on EU labour law and critically analyse current and future developments in EU labour law.

Course Requirement

Master Degree


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Assessment Method

  • Moot Court: 30%

  • Final exam: 70%

Contact information

Programme Coordinator
Ms Patricia Garcia Fernandez
Telephone number: 0031- 71 527 4228

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