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Private International Labour law


Course Description

In a globalizing and Europeanizing world of work questions about which court is competent to deal with a case and the labour laws of which jurisdiction are applicable in a given situation are common practice. Knowledge and understanding of the rules solving these questions are therefore of the utmost importance. The aim of this course is to introduce the main rules of the EU that indicate which court and which legal systems apply in which situation. Some of these rules have a wider scope than the EU only, which gives them value on a global scale. Besides the technical regulations (Brussels and Rome), the course also deals with the EU rules on cross-border work, especially the free movement of workers and posting of workers. The case law of the European Court of Justice plays an important role in the interpretation of key notions such as ‘worker’ and 'habitual work place', therefore the study of the ECJ's jurisprudence forms a prominent element of this course.

Course Requirement

Master Degree


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Assessment Method

  • Final written exam: 100%

Contact information

Programme Coordinator
Ms Patricia Garcia Fernandez
Telephone number: 0031- 71 527 4228

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