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Texel Excursion: Sustainability and How to Promote Behaviour Change


Climate change constitutes one of the biggest challenge of our times, and whereas many effective technological alternatives to our polluting lifestyles have been identified, the obstacle in implementing these brilliant ideas lies in human behavioural patterns. Breaking habits, adjusting worldviews, negotiating conflicting interests – these are crucial steps that individuals, groups and governing parties must take in order to actualise sustainable policies in all levels of society. And this is where social scientists can play a role.

The island of Texel harbours many experiments in sustainable solutions to ecological pressures. During our excursion, we will take inspiration from these experiments and learn what it takes to turn ideas into action, to encourage individuals to participate, to win social support for allocating funds and to maintain interest in sustainability.

You will use this inspiration to make Leiden University a sustainable organisation. In a group of 5 students, you will designing effective interventions that can be implemented at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. You will present these ideas in the form on an internship design to the Sustainability Management Group of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. They will select a feasible internship design. Students who wish to apply for this internship can do so as part of the Honours programme.

The excursion will consist of a preparatory meeting, a two-day stay on Texel, a round-up meeting and the presentation of your internship design to the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. All meetings are mandatory, except for the presentation. On October 10, a delegation of your group can present your plans.
If you cannot join the Texel trip, you can write an essay (2,500 words) directly linked to the focus of your student group instead. The preparatory and round-up meeting are still a mandatory part of the course.

Be aware that in case of cancellation after July 14, you will be charged with 50% of the costs made for you. This amounts to € 50.


Date Time Location Room
Sept 24 (mandatory for all) 19:00-21:00h Leiden 1A20
Sept 28&29 (registration by form) 9:00-21:00h Texel
Oct 8 (mandatory for all) 19:00-21:00h Leiden 1A20
Oct 10 (mandatory for at least one of your student group) 15:00-17:00h Leiden 5A42
Oct 15 (mandatory for those of you who enroll for an internship) 17:00-18:00h Leiden 1A33