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Circular Economy



This course is a first-year elective module for the joint degree MSc Programme on Industrial Ecology and compulsory for the first-year Erasmus Mundus CIRCLE students. The course teaches basic concepts, methods, tools, and indicators related to the circular economy.

Learning goals

  • Explain and compare various concepts and definitions of Circular Economy (CE)

  • Explain and compare various types of business models and governance options for CE

  • Get insight into an analytical framework for CE and execute this framework to a case study

  • Summarize sense and nonsense of and use metrics for CE

  • Criticize and judge various technological options for circularity

  • Test main learnings of the course on a practical case study to generate recommendations and new insights on the transition to a circular economy

Teaching methods/mode of instruction

Interactive lectures with discussions, flipped classrooms using MOOC material, case study based learning.

Type of assessment

Individual assignment on a case study.

Course materials/reading list

BrightSpace TU Delft will be used for communications and distributing study material.


More information and the description of the course is published in the e-studyguide of TU Delft.