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International Development



This course builds upon the previous courses of students on International Relations but offers specialist knowledge about issues related to international development, such as theories of development, the changing paradigms in development policy-making, as well as substantive issues on poverty, inequality, globalization and its impact on developing countries, corruption and rent-seeking, and the place of natural resources in development.

Course Objectives

Objective 1: To deepen students’ understanding of key issues and dynamics in international development.
Objective 2: To deepen students’ understanding of the different theories and paradigms of international development.

Mode of Instruction

The principal mode of instruction is lecture. All lectures and assigned readings will be in English.


Most readings will be drawn from Natasha Ezrow, Erica Frantz, and Andrea Kendall-Taylor (2016) Development and the State in the 21st Century: Tackling the Challenges Facing the Developing World (London: Palgrave Macmillan). Some other readings may be from internet sources. All readings must be completed during the week for which they are assigned. The students can also consult to other textbooks for further discussions: Andy Sumner and Michael Tribe (2008) International Development Studies: Theories and Methods in Research and Practice (London: Sage) and Damien Kingsbury, John McKay, Janet Hunt, Mark McGillivray, and Matthew Clarke (2016) International Development: Issues and Challenges 3rd edition (London: Palgrave Macmillan).


All students should enroll on the course’s Brightspace site before the first lecture session.

Assessment Method

The first exam and the retake exam will be composed of multiple choice and open answer questions. Students will complete the open answer questions in English.

The time and location of inspection and debriefing of the exam will be announced via Blackboard no later than the publication of the grades.


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