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Internship (Leiden University)


Admission requirements

Admission to the European Politics and Society Joint Master Programme.

Please contact the Internship co-ordinator Dr. M.E.L. David before your arrival in Leiden. Your internship should be arranged before the start of semester 2.


Students on the MA European Politics and Society programme who elect to spend their second year at Leiden undertake an internship as part of their second year of study. With the assistance of Leiden University’s Careers Service, students will look for a professional placement in an environment relevant to their programme of study. The internship offers students an invaluable opportunity to develop their subject-specific knowledge and to reflect on the relationship between research and practice. Additionally, students will develop employment-related skills, central to which will be the search for an internship, a process that will provide students with important insights into how to identify and secure employment. It is our hope that through this process, students will develop a deeper understanding of their career expectations, even while boosting their future employment prospects as a result of having made deeper connections between their academic life and the workplace.

The internship should be equivalent to a 0.5 job over a 3 month period. Skills will be further developed through the writing of a research-based report related to the internship, followed by the production of a poster to be presented to other Masters students and academic staff upon completion of the internship.