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Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry


Admission requirements

Students of Master Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences. The course is also opened to students from other Master programs. Interested students should then contact the course coordinators to discuss the possibilities.


This course focuses on the techniques, the instrumentation and applications of Mass Spectrometry in bioanalysis. The lectures give all the basics to understand Mass Spectrometry, including principle, ion sources, mass analyzers, detectors, data handling and spectral interpretation. A special attention is also put on separation techniques used in combination with Mass Spectrometry, and how to hyphenate such techniques. Finally, external speakers from university, medical centers, and/or the (pharma) industry highlight how Mass Spectrometry can be used in today’s science, within different bioanalytical applications.

Course objectives

The main objectives of the course BMS is to provide the students with:

  • The basic working principle of mass spectrometry (MS), including background, mechanisms, ionization, instrumentation, spectral interpretation, as well as hyphenation to chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques;

  • The latest developments of MS technology and future trends in bioanalysis;

  • A deep insight of the current MS applications in bioanalysis, biomedical and/or biopharmaceutical research.


January 2021. The specific schedule for the course will be published on Brightspace.

Mode of instruction

Lectures, self study and student presentations.

Assessment method

The assessment comprises a group assignment (presentation, 40% of the final grade) and a written exam (60% of the final grade).
Students need at least a 5.0 for the exam and at least a 5.0 for the assignment/presentation. Not more than one 5.0 is allowed in total. The final grade has to be at least a 6.0 to successfully validate the course BMS.

Reading list

Will be announced during the lectures.


Application via uSis. Registration closes 14 days before the start of the course or earlier if the maximum number of students is reached.


Coordinator: Dr. Peter Lindenburg (


A minimum of 5 participants is required. The maximal amount of participants is 40. Placement is based on the registration date.
The lectures will be partially online and on campus.

This information is without prejudice. Alterations can be made for next year