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Essentials in Art and Music


Admission requirements

Bachelor degree (completed)


The Essentials in Art and Music course presents five different narratives each centering on a specific strategy instrumental to the creation of art. Each of these strategies is discipline independent and thereby connects the visuals arts, music, literature, media art, and more. Furthermore, the strategies share similarities with strategies used in research. As such, the course shows different ways in which research and arts form continua.

The course contains two essay assignments. In the first essay the students are asked to demonstrate their understanding of the presented narratives by creating a debate between a work presented in the lectures and another work of choice that leads to interesting similarities and differences between the two works seen from the perspective of the chosen presented narrative. As final assignment the students develop their own narratives for a 6th strategy regarding the creation of art. These narratives will have to be supported by multiple examples and just as the presented narratives they will have to be discipline independent.

Course objectives

  • To extend the student’s knowledge about art.

  • To develop playful ways in approaching art.

  • To build a foundation to approach research from an artistic perspective.

  • Develop creative research capabilities regarding various cultural contexts.


Date, time and location of this course is included in the Media Technology calendar.

Mode of instruction

The course consists of lectures and discussions with compulsory attendance.

Assessment method

In order to complete the course, the students have to write two essays, actively engage in the course and adhere to the compulsory attendance.

The final grade of the course is based on the grades for the two essays (30%, 70%)

There is a possibility to do a retake for one of the two essays. This normally includes the creation of a fully new essay. The deadlines can be discussed with the lecturer on an individual basis.

Reading list

There is no reading list for this course. The course uses a diverse combination of material that is publicly available on the internet. This includes videos, audio files, images, texts, etc.
Links to the material are included on the course website after the presentation of each narrative.


  • You have to sign up for courses and exams (including retakes) in uSis.

  • Due to limited capacity, non-Media Technology students (elective, external and exchange) can only register after approval of the programme coordinator/study advisor Barbara Visscher-van Grinsven MA.

  • Students who have not yet completed their bachelor degree cannot be admitted to Media Technology courses.


Media Technology MSc programme coordinator/study advisor: Barbara Visscher-van Grinsven MA