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Advanced Cell Biology


Admission requirements

This course is for MSc students in Biology.


Coordinator: Prof.dr. A. Briegel


This course is about advanced cell biology. The course will cover 5 different topics which will all be introduced by one of the lecturers. The topics of this course are: Cytoskeleton, Energy, Cell cycle, Transcription and Transport. Subsequently research papers about each topic are handed out for students to review in groups. After preparation, the selected topics will be presented by these groups to all students and teachers. Special emphasis will be on comparing bacteria to eukaryotes.

Learning goals

Course objectives:
Expand theoretical knowledge on fundamentals of cell biology. Learn to critically read and understand experimental research papers on these subjects.

Final qualifications:

  • Theoretical textbook (see below) knowledge on 5 topics: Cytoskeleton, Energy, Cell cycle, Transcription and Transport.

  • Ability to critically evaluate research papers on these subjects


On Mondays from 23 November 2020 to 26 February 2021.

Programme details will be announced via Brightspace.

Mode of instruction

Lectures, self study, student presentations

Assessment method

Exam, presentations, multiple choice tests (online)

The final grade consists of the following partical grades:

  • 5 Multiple choice tests 10% (2% per test, no minimum grade)

  • Presentation 25% (minimum grade 5.6)

  • Exam I (course topics I, II) 25% (minimum grade 5.6)

  • Exam II (course topic III, IV, V) 40% (minimum grade 5.6)

Inspection and feedback on the examination

Date: three weeks following the exam date, individually with the course coordinator


Powerpoint presentations will be put on Brightspace

Reading list

Compulsory book:
Molecular biology of the cell (5th or 6th edition)

  • Transcription (Ch4 p194-201, Ch6 p299-316, Ch7 p369-392)

  • Cytoskeleton (Ch16 p889-950)

  • Transport (Ch13)

  • Cell cycle/cell division (Ch17)

  • Energy (Ch2)



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