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Earth System Science and Analysis


Title course: Earth System Science and Analysis

Coordinator(s): Dr. J. Mogollón and Dr. L. Scherer
Other involved teachers: -

Entry requirements

This course is obligatory for students of the MSc Industrial Ecology (joint degree TU Delft and Leiden University).

Description course

How does the earth system work, and how have natural cycles developed over time and space? This course is meant to introduce the students to planet Earth and its resources, as viewed from a system’s perspective, as a guiding analogy for sustainable systems. This course will present the evolution of Earth’s four spheres (biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere) over 4.5 billion years. These developments will highlight the importance of the carbon, nutrient, and water cycles for life on our planet. This section will follow an interdisciplinary look at the causes and potential impacts of natural changes of the Earth System. It will relate physical, chemical and biological cycles from a descriptive and a quantitative perspective. The course will also discuss current Earth System Models, their capabilities, and limitations.

Education format

The course will feature lectures and workshops. Lectures consist of interactive discussions with the (guest) lecturers, and are complemented by readings throughout the lecture.

Workshops will focus on the principles of modelling and data analysis in the context of the earth system in Python.


Readings are introduced throughout the lecture.


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This course is open for students of the MSc Industrial Ecology (joint degree TU Delft and Leiden University). Students can register for the course and exam via uSis.