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Network Security


Admission requirements

Admission only after intake, please see our website.

Admission only for those who are enrolled in the technical track.


This course deals with attacker methodologies and network security.
The first part deals with defining attackers and their methodologies as well as security functions and threat modeling.
Attention is also paid to the development of attacks on OT environments.
In the second part attention will be paid to specific security threats. The trade-off between security risks and technical requirements will actively be weighed. We consider how attackers operate, what motivates them and how we can map their tactics and techniques into security controls to improve the security posture of an organisation.
Finally we briefly consider the practical aspects of security in networks and communication.

Course objectives

Participants have:

  • A better understanding of attacker methodology and how it applies to real world environments

  • a more detailed understanding of security functions and attacker operations in OT environments

  • a general overview of security threats, different types of security attacks and understanding of the identity and characteristics of various types of attackers

  • understanding of the most common technical solutions taking the security threats into account

  • understanding of the importance of trade-off between security risks and technical requirements (more particularly weigh security risks versus technical requirements)

Participants are able to:

  • define technical requirements with respect to security solutions

  • communicate about the chosen technical requirements with non-technical stake- and shareholders within organisations


7 days from 9.30 until 17.00

Thursday 10 December 2020
Friday 11 December 2020
Friday 18 December 2020
Friday 8 January 2021
Friday 15 January 2021
Friday 22 January 2021
Friday 29 January 2021 (exam)

Mode of instruction

Lectures, seminars, exercises, class discussion.
Lecturers: Paul Pols, Alexander Stefanov (TU Delft) and Francisco Dominguez

Assessment method

Written exam

  • 70% of final grade

  • Grade must be 5.50 or higher to pass the course

  • Resit of a fail is possible.

  • Resit will take the same form

Individual assignment

  • 30% of final grade

  • Grade must be compensated

  • Resit not possible

Reading list

Compulsory literature and literature for further consultation will be announced via Brightspace.


No registration is required for lectures and exams.


Chantal de Groot, study coordinator


For more information see our website.