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Research Design


Admission requirements

Course for students enrolled in Master’s programme Crisis and Security Management on the basis of the curriculum before the academic year 2020-2021. Students are in need of permission from the Board of Examiners to enrol in this course, after consulting study advise.

The online modules for this course are designed by the Institute of Public Administration who gave kindly their permission to use the modules for this CSM-course. Assignments will be designed and assessed by staff of the master Crisis and Security Management


This course prepares students for the course Thesis Preparation and the Master’s Thesis. It consists of a series of online learning modules covering different academic skills, qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection as well as methods of analysis (regression analysis; qualitative interviewing; survey research; comparative analysis; etc.) The online learning modules are combined with remote face-to-face group sessions in which these methods are discussed and applied. Students do not need to take all modules, but are able to tailor their own learning track depending on their methodological needs and interests in the thesis. The choice for the modules will be decided by students and CSM-staff.
The online component includes video and audio lectures, exercises and quizzes. For the remote face-to-face group sessions, students will need to prepare an assignment. During the group sessions assignments will be discussed and students will be presented with short exercises to practice the methods they have studied online.

Course objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify appropriate methods of analysis and research techniques to answer a specific research question;

  2. Independently carry out quantitative or qualitative analyses based on statistical data, surveys and interviews, or documentary evidence;

  3. Effectively report and present the results of their quantitative or qualitative analyses in the field of crisis and security management.


On the right side of programme front page of the E-guide you will find links to the website and timetables, uSis and Brightspace.

Mode of instruction

  • Interactive lectures (online)

  • Seminars and workshops (online)

  • Written assignments

This is a blended learning course, meaning that most of the course material is offered to you in an online environment (Brightspace). Instead of covering a topic a week, we have divided our course content into modules. You can study these modules in your own time and at your own pace.

Total study load 140 hours

  • Online modules, including assignments: 58 hours

  • Seminars and workshops: 12 hours

  • Self-study: 70 hours

Assessment method

Students are not obliged to hand in an assignment at the first opportunity in order to make use of the re-sit opportunity. The re-sit assignment will test the same course objectives, but will be different in terms of topics, cases or substance.

Mid-term assignment, 30% of final grade
Grade can be compensated in case of a fail (grade < 5.50), resit not possible.

Final assignment, 70% of final grade
Grade cannot be compensated, a 5.5 is required to pass the course

The calculated grade of the assignments must be at least 5.50 in order to pass the course.
If a student passed an assignment, it is not possible to participate in a re-sit in order to obtain a higher grade. Students are only permitted to resit the 70% assignment if they have a calculated overall course lower than 5.50.

Reading list

To be announced on Brightspace.


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Registration in uSis is possible from four weeks before the start of the course. Some courses and workgroups have a limited number of participants, so register on time (before the course starts). In uSis you can access your personal schedule and view your results.

Leiden University uses Brightspace as its online learning management system. Important information about the course is posted here.
After enrolment for the course in uSis you are also enrolled in the Brightspace environment of this course.


Dr. J. van Buuren