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International Law


Admission requirements

MSc International Relations and Diplomacy students.


This course is intended to provide students with in-depth knowledge of, and insight into, the core principles and rules of public international law. The course will address the main concepts of public international law as well as several sub-areas and contemporary issues of public international law.

A course outline will be available on Brightspace Overviews of the prescribed literature, case law and other documents for each week will be posted on Brightspace as well.

Course objectives

After successfully completing this course:

  • Students can demonstrate knowledge of the broad legal framework, foundations and system of public international law;

  • Students can identify and explain specific rules and regulations of public international law that were studied during the course;

  • Students can read, evaluate and differentiate cases and other materials on international law, and integrate the concepts from those materials into their view on the law, thus interpreting and synthesizing rules of international law.


Mode of instruction


Study load: 280 hours

Assessment method

Exam details will follow.

Failed partial grades or components should be compensated by passed partial grades or components. The calculated grade must be at least 5,5 to pass the course. It is not possible to re-sit a partial grade or component once you have passed the course.

Reading list



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