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Dutch - Beginners


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In this course you lay the foundations for your knowledge of the Dutch language. You learn to successfully handle uncomplicated oral and written communication tasks, both passive (listening and reading) and active (speaking and writing). These may occur in a variety of social situations you could encounter in daily life in the Netherlands; for example giving personal information, talking about your own history, your family, your hobbies and daily life, make simple phone calls, go shopping and give/ask for directions. The course also provides insight in Dutch culture and etiquette.

Please note that this course runs throughout the full semester.

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to develop Dutch language skills in both oral and written communication up to the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

By the end of the course, you should have the following skills in speaking/listening:

  • you are able to understand uncomplicated speech about a variety of topics beyond the most immediate needs;

  • you can engage in basic conversation about a variety of topics such as personal history, personal experiences, study and university life, family;

In written communication:

  • you are able to read/understand uncomplicated texts in various domains;

  • you can write in an uncomplicated form on a variety of familiar topics, personal history, everyday/general events, and concrete descriptions;

  • you can write personal letters.


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Mode of instruction

This course will meet for two hours, three times per week. Students are expected to play an active role in the learning process through a variety of class activities: listening exercises, conversation activities like role plays, vocabulary building and writing practice.

Classes will mostly be conducted in Dutch. Self-study is an important part of this course and activities and assignments will help to structure the learning process.

Assessment Method


Reading list

Title: deel 1 – Dutch for beginners
Author: Katja Verbruggen
Publisher: Coutinho
ISBN: 9789046903353

Title: deel 2 – Dutch for beginners
Author: Katja Verbruggen
Publisher: Coutinho
ISBN: 9789046903797

Title: De Huwelijksreis (serie Amsteldijk)
Author: Hoefnagel
Publisher: Intertaal
ISBN: 9789460301889


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