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Personal and Professional Development for new students of Science & Society and of the Individual track


Entry Requirements

This course is for students who start their Honours programme in September 2020 and for students who follow the Individual Track of the Honours College FSW. If you have participated in the first-year Honours course Social Science Lab, you do not need to follow this course.


The first seminar of this course is the seminar Personal & Professional Purpose, during which you explore your motives, passion and mission and how these relate to future professional development.
The second seminar is the workshop Dealing with Stress, in which you explore a variety of tools to deal with times of stress.
Both seminars are preceeded with preparatory homework. You will be notified by email about the assignments.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is English. You can write your preparatory and post-workshop assignments in English or Dutch.


Meeting Date Time Location Room
Purpose in Life 16-9-2020 18:00-22:00 online
Dealing with Stress 18-11-2020 18:00-22:00 cancelled


You do not need to register for this course. You will be enrolled by the Honours College FSW.