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Personal and Professional Development II


This information is subject to changes.

Entry requirements

Second year students of the Honours College FSW programme, Science & Society track and Individual Track.


This year, you will further explore your personal motives and mission related to your competences and skills. This builds on the work you did during the introductory HC year in workshop Personal & Professional Purpose. This year there are two PPD seminars (called: II Start and II Finish) at the beginning and the end of your 2nd HC academic year. We will again use a flipped-classroom approach, where much of the work will take place outside the meetings. Teaching will be on campus if allowed, or through online live webinars if necessary.

Preparatory assignment II Start
Two weeks before the PPD II Start seminar you will carry out a preparatory assignment with a peer to assist you obtain an image of your own capacities and competences, and how these have developed. The profile of competences you submitted at the start of your first year will serve as a point of departure.

Seminar II Start
During the PPD II Start seminar, you will focus how, in each of us, competing motives complicate our lives. With the help your own and other’s assessment of your personal and professional skills, we will try to determine your own unique talent, as well as your favorite way of getting yourself in the way.

Integrative assignment II Start
After the seminar, you will anchor this knowledge with a brief integrative assignment where you will upload your insights.

Preparatory assignment II Finish
By the end of the year, two weeks before the PPD II Finish seminar, we invite you to look back on your academic year with a reflective assignment that focusses on how the choices in your BA and HC programme have worked out this year in relation to your own future self-image and purpose definition.

Seminar II Finish
During this end-of-year PPD II meeting, we will explore a different way of learning than you are used to in academic settings. We will work with some techniques that activate and focus your autonomous capacity to learn with a ‘Learning Quest’

Integrative assignment II Finish
Formulating a concise summary of the insights you obtained during the seminar, and formulating a personal learning question for the summer.

Learning objectives

At successful completion of this PPDII, you will:

  • Have a clear image of the competences and qualities you developed, your talent and main dysfunctional pattern.

  • Have obtained more detailed insight into the paths you have followed and the learning path you want to project into the future.

  • Be able to autonomously study important personal and professional questions.

Mode of instruction

In this course, a substantial part of the time investment and study takes place before and after the meetings (in a similar way as during the SSL course). Active preparation is already required two weeks before the first seminar. You will fill out an online assignment, obtained cooperation of one or more people close to you, and hold an interview and report on that. During the II Start seminar you will work with this material to anchor your insights. The II-Finish seminar is also preceded by a preparatory assignment.


English or Dutch


First semester: Online.
Second semester: FSW Pieter de la Court Building, Leiden / Living Lab, the Hague.


You will receive qualitative (peer) feedback on your reflections. Assessment of your participation (in the categories insufficient, competent or excellent) will be based on concise and timely execution of preparatory assignments, commitment during meetings, and reflective capacity and skill in the integrative assignments.

Study load 1 EC (28 hours)

  • 2 Seminars (2 x 3 hours)

  • 2 Preparatory assignments, including literature study and interviews (2 x 6 hours)

  • 2 Integrative assignments (2 x 3 hours)

  • Peer feedback (max 4 hours)


English spoken

Meeting Date Time Location Room
Personal and Professional Development II start 22-9-2020 18:00-22:00 online
Personal and Professional Development II finish 11-5-2021 18:00-22:00 The Hague Living Lab

Dutch spoken

Meeting Date Time Location Room
Personal and Professional Development II start 21-9-2020 18:00-22:00 online
Personal and Professional Development II finish 3-5-2021 18:00-22:00 P. de la Courtgebouw 1B03


You can register for this course through uSis, activity code for Dutch spoken (01) 15746, and for English spoken (02) 15747.

Contact Information

For questions concerning the PPD course, please contact Dr. Marc Cleiren