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Honours Lectures


Admission requirements

  • Second year students of the Institute of Psychology

  • Grade average: > 8.

The institute selects participants from the 30 highest scores of all psychology students.


By a series of different lectures students gain insight into performing scientific research.

Mode of instruction

The programme consists of 4 to 5 times two meetings. The first meeting consists of a lecture and discussion on the basis of student questions. The second meeting is a visit to a lab or a demonstration, and a interview with the researcher.

  • Meeting 1: interactive lecture A lecture is given by a researcher about his or her field of research. Students read a corresponding research article in advance. After the lecture there is a question and answer session, at which the researcher answers students’ questions. Subsequently, some students present their own questions on an overhead sheet. The speaker will then lead a discussion based on these questions.

  • Meeting 2: practicum The researcher offers an inside view of the day-to-day practice of his or her research, e.g. by demonstrating experiments in the lab, or by showing a video or other, related materials.

  • Self study Each student must read an article before the first meeting. In response to the article each student must prepare two questions. A brief oral introduction to the questions (of a few minutes) must also be prepared. Also two interview questions must be prepared.

Reading list

Prior to the meeting, the students are given a brief summary of the lecture, and a link to the articles they need to prepare.


In case of any questions, please contact Mw. P. Ruygrok or Samarth Varma.


Students will be selected and invited to participate. The language of instruction is English. Dates will be announced in January.