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Master Class


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The Master Class for Computer Science students takes place every second week and is mandatory for all students who are in their second year, i.e., in their research year (Specialisation courses and the Master's Thesis Research Project). The Master Class aims at stimulating active interaction of students with their classmates, discussing open problems, issues, etc., and helping students to stay on track. Each student is asked to give a brief presentation in the Master Class about their Master’s Thesis Research Project. About the research topic and goals, the status and (expected) results. In addition, we will discuss topics such as the structure of a Master's Thesis, writing scientific publications, presenting a scientific paper, time management and other soft skills. In addition to these there are a number of guest lectures from companies, PhD students and entrepeneurs to prepare you for the job market after you graduate.

The Master Class is of course also open to LIACS staff members and thesis supervisors.

Course objectives

By attending this mandatory class in the second year of the Master's programme in Computer Science (including all specializations), students:

  • report about the progress of their research, discuss their research with other students, and training giving presentations about their research,

  • learn by examples how to write a master’s thesis,

  • understand the grading principles applied by their supervisors for grading a research project and a master’s thesis,

  • understand the organizational process involved in graduating and learn how to plan their graduation systematically,

  • discuss principles of good scientific practice and relevant sociopolitical implications of computer science for society as a whole,

  • have opportunities for giving feedback about the master study and discussing with staff members, and

  • are provided with project topics for research and master’s thesis projects by scientific staff members.


The most recent timetable can be found at the students' website.

Mode of instruction

  • Oral presentations

  • Group discusssions

  • Guest speakers

  • Lectures

  • Two hours every second week in Semester 1 & 2.

  • The EC are included in the Master's Thesis Research Project (42 or 30 EC, depending on track).

Assessment method

  • The Master Class is not graded, but participation is required.

  • The teacher will inform the students how the inspection of and follow-up discussion of the exams will take place.

Reading list

Not applicable.


  • You have to sign up for classes and examinations (including resits) in uSis. Check this link for more information and class numbers.


Master Class coordinator: dr. Bas van Stein