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Making Sustainability Work: Examples from Industry



In this course, an introduction to implementing sustainability and circular economy in the chemical and biochemical process industry will be provided.
An inside view into this will be given by professionals from the aforementioned industries.


This course is available only for students in the minor Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course students:

  • will have an impression of the developments in the chemical and biochemical process industry to make their processes more sutainable and circular

  • will have experience how to read and process articles from the scientific literature



Mode of instruction

Guest lectures by professionals from the chemical and process industry, supported by background reading material

Assessment Methode

Oral exam if amount of students permits this. Otherwise a written exam

Reading List

Literature will be provided by the lecturers


Enrollment through uSis is mandatory

Information and Contact

Dr. I.M.N. Groot