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Description of a Non-western Language III: Leti


Admission requirements

The examination and, if indicated, the teaching of the following units of study can only be taken if the examinations of the preceding units of study have been passed of the Propedeuse linguistics


Leti is an Austronesian language without about 7000 speakers that is spoken on the island with the same name in Southwest Maluku (East Indonesia). Both from a genetic and typological point of view it belongs tot he East timorese languages. The language is distinct from the surrounding languages and dialects among other things because of metthesis and its complex deictic system. This course discusses the language as it is spoken in the Tutukei domain.
The course starts with a short overview of the region’s genetic and typological language diversity in order to localize Leti in it. After this introduction the main elements of Leti grammar are discussed. Also important elements of its oral tradition are reviewed: lexical parallelism, narrative topology and sung language.

Course objectives

  • Introduction in Leti grammar;

  • Insights in the semantics of Leti metathesis;

  • Introduction in Southwest Malukan oral traditions;

  • Insight in oral narrativity.


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Mode of instruction


Assessment method



Particitipation & presence: 10%
Assignments: 10%
Paper presentation: 10%
Final paper: 40%


In case of an insufficient grade, the final paper can be considered for adaptation in consultation with the lecturer.

Reading list

The course is based on
Aone van Engelenhoven. 2004. Leti, a Language of Southwest Maluku. Leiden: Brill.
Required reading material will be made available by the lecturer.


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This course offers an introduction in Leti grammar and language use. The course does not intend to teach any Leti speaking skills.