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System Design for Industrial Ecology


Title course: System Design for Industrial Ecology

Coordinator: Prof Andrea Ramirez Ramirez


A core element of industrial ecology is that it requires to look at a problem from a system perspective. This course aims to provide insights necessary to understand and apply the core concepts of system design in the field of Industrial Ecology. The course will introduce, in a weekly basis, the core concepts of system thinking (such as interconnectedness, synthesis, feedback loops, causality) and students will work on their application in small case studies.

Learning goals:

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Understand the principles of systems design

  • Understand the application of the principles in different contexts

  • Understand how relationships between the elements in a system as well as dynamics related to time and location influence the system development and performance

Cognitive skills (thinking and analysis).

  • Critically deliberate on, set and explain boundary choices along with potential consequences

  • Analysis of systems of small sizes

Communication skills (personal and academic).

  • Be able to present projects

Practical and subject specific skills (Transferable Skills).

  • Plan and undertake a group and individual projects,

  • Prepare and deliver coherent and structured verbal (online) and written (short) reports

Education format:

Students are expected to prepare their classes in advance and to actively participate in the lectures and group work.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday and Friday’s morning

Assessment method:

Combination of small group assignments (40% of the mark) and a larger group assignment (60% of the mark).


In the course a combination of peer review (articles, book chapters) and non-peer review literature (news clips, reports, youtube videos) will be used.


BrightSpace University Leiden will be used for communications and distributing study material.


MSc Industrial Ecology students can register for the course and exam via uSis. Other students need to contact the study advisors of the programme via

Contact information:

Prof. Andrea Ramirez Ramirez
Low Carbon Systems and Technologies
Energy& Industry, Faculty of technology, policy and management
Delft University of technology