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Electrochemistry (ELE)


Admission requirements

Core course in MSc Chemistry – Energy & Sustainability, elective course MSc Chemistry, MSc Physics, MSc Life Science and Technology
For students with a BSc in MST, LST or equivalent.
This course was previously given under the name Electrochemistry and Bioelectrochemistry (EBE), uSis code 4423ELECB. This course cannot be combined with EBE in a programme.


The course deals with the fundamental principles of electrochemistry: thermodynamics, double layer structure, electrochemical kinetics, mass transport in electrochemical systems, and electrochemical and non-electrochemical techniques applied to the study of electrochemical phenomena. In the second part of the course, several fields of application of electrochemistry will be discussed: electron-transfer theory, electrocatalysis, bio-electrochemistry, photo- electrochemistry, corrosion, electroplating, and batteries. The course finishes with a field trip to a company or research institute active in electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering.

Course objectives

At the end of the course students

  • will have knowledge of fundamental principles of electrochemical systems

  • will understand physical and chemical phenomena taking place at electrode-electrolyte interfaces

  • will have an overview of the wide variety of electrochemical applications in industry and daily life

  • can digest and present a summary of a scientific article from the literature


Schedule information can be found on the website of the programmes. Assignment deadlines are communicated via Brightspace.

Mode of instruction

Lectures, exercises, excursion and discussion meetings

Assessment method

Written examination (50%)
Presentation of a scientific article (50%)
Presence at the lectures and discussion meetings is obligatory.

Reading list

  • The course is based on the following book: A.J.Bard, L.R.Faulkner, Electrochemical Methods, Fundamentals and Applications, Wiley.

  • Slides presented during the courses, course notes

  • Exercises


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Prof. dr. M.T.M. Koper


According to OER article 4.8, students are entitled to view their marked examination for a period of 30 days following the publication of the results of a written examination. Students should contact the lecturer to make an appointment for such an inspection session.