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Science Communication product development


The intention of the Science Communication product development course is to put the things you have learned during the SCS courses into practice. With a group of your fellow students, which you can choose yourself, you will develop a product relevant to the field of science communication. This is within a very broad spectrum and gives you the freedom to be creative. For example, your group can develop a magazine, a dance or theater performance, an exhibit, brochures, audio tour or game. All groups will work for a client (scientist) within the Faculty of Science. A list of clients and matching science communication products will be made available during the course.

Learnig objectives

  • Linking the theory and practice within science communication.

  • During the development process, make use of the covered communication theories.

  • Use the covered theories to substantiate your choices made during the development of your product.

  • Establish a link between different parts of science communication;

  • Perform a target audience research;

  • Use or discover your own interests, strengths and learning goals within science communication.

  • Develop a (prototype of a) science communication product

Your grade for the final product will be composed of a product (50 % of your total grade) a report (25% of your total grade, and a (pitch) presentation of your product (25% of your total grade).


  • Your product will be assessed on suitability for the target audience, development, design and creativity.

  • Your report will be assessed on the level of detail, completeness, audience research, link to theory, language and academic level.

  • Your presentation will be evaluated on comprehensibility, completeness, use of language and style of the presentation.

The SCS product development course will last three weeks in total starting from December 6, 2021.