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Statistical genetics


Admission Requirements

Statistics and probability
Linear & generalized linear models and linear algebra
Statistical computing with R

Course Description

Statistical genetics is an important topic within the Life and Behavioral Sciences. The struc-
ture within families (pedigrees) and the dependency structure between genetic markers at
the genome require specific statistical models and software packages for analysis. The topics
addressed during this course will be: estimation of heritability, detecting new genetic factors
using genome wide linkage and association studies, the analysis of candidate genes, data bases such as Hapmap. Data sets from human genetics and from animal and plant breeding will be analyzed.

Course objectives

  • Basic methods of human linkage analysis

  • Analysis and interpretation of human genome wide data for association studies

  • Design and analysis of breeding experiments in plant and animal genetics

Mode of Instruction

Lectures, practicals, and two assignments

Time Table

See the Leiden University students' website for the Statistics and DataScience programme.

Assessment method

oral exam.

Reading List

  • Book “The Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Genetics”, Laird and Lange, Springer
    2011 (L1 - L11)

  • Book “Phenotypes and Genotypes“, Frommlet, Bogdan, and Ramsey, Springer 2016


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Contact information

Stefan Böhringer, email:
Visiting Address: Department of Biomedical Data Sciences, Section Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics, Leiden University Medical Center, Einthovenweg 20, 2333 ZC Leiden, The Netherlands