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OIKOS Reading List


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Please contact C.C. de Jonge for more information on the Greek reading list and A.B. Wessels for more information on the Latin reading list.

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The OIKOS educational board has composed a list of Classical core texts of which Research Master students and PhD students should try to read as much as possible. This list is based on the Greek and Latin reading lists of Princeton University, where all students are expected to have read these texts before starting their PhD.
Students might have read several of the texts in courses already, but presumably not all of them. If, for the time being, it turns out to be impossible to read all texts in Greek or Latin, they should at least be read in translation.
With consent of their tutor in their local graduate school, Research Master students can compose their own reading list - based on the one mentionedbelow - to add to their OIKOS curriculum. The expected reading speed is 1 page Oxford Classical Text (OCT) per hour or 15 pages of secondary literature per hour. The lengths of the texts are expressed in OCT pages, added between brackets after each text. Texts marked with an asterisk (*) are of particular interest for philosophy students and those marked with two asterisks (**) are of particular interest for students of ancient history.

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