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Governance of Sustainability Capita Selecta Module


Admission requirements

The Capita Selecta Governance of Sustainability can be taken as an elective course for students of the MSc Governance of Sustainability.


A Capita Selecta is an additional piece of work, which is not covered by any other course or part of the programme. It can have the form of a separate piece of scientific research which results in a report or some other tangible product, an individual course on the basis of literature and other sources, a literature review or any other scientific piece of work.
The Governance of Sustainability Capita Selecta Module can have a value of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 EC and should be supervised by an examiner from the MSc Governance of Sustainability programme.
Coursecodes: 4443CS02XY (2 EC) 4443CS03XY (3 EC) 4443CS04XY (4 EC) 4443CS05XY (5 EC) 4443CS06XY (6 EC)


A Capita Selecta can be part of the 12 ECTS elective space within MSc Governance of Sustainability. However, approval of the BoE is needed before the start of the Capita Selecta.
If you are planning do a Capita Selecta please send the following documents to

  • your ISP

  • a motivation letter

  • a filled in Capita Selecta form, including a description, end product, involved examiner(s) and study load of the Capita Selecta (between 2-6 ECTS), signed by the involved examiner(s)