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Internship Air & Space Law


Admission requirements

Admission to the fulltime face-to-face advanced LL.M. programme in Air and Space Law.


Students are required to do an internship with a minimum duration of 6 weeks (full-time, min. 38 hours per week, or part-time equivalent) at an institution or company of their own choosing that deals with Air or Space Law, for instance: an airline, airport, space business, law firm, civil aviation or other governmental authority or international organization.

The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with experience through practical application of his or her theoretical knowledge and to acquire professional skills and knowhow. The internship aims to further enhance students’ capacity to apply acquired knowledge, research and practical skills in a professional environment, building in turn upon academic studies and other activities completed in the last term.

Students can undertake an internship in the Netherlands, in their home country or abroad . It is important that visa requirements, if any, are considered and, where applicable, that the conditions of the student's visa are respected. In certain situation this may require staff to sign a tripartite agreement. More information will be available on Brightspace.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this internship, students should be able to:

  • Locate and organize their own internship.

  • Apply relevant air or space laws and policies in a practical context.

  • Use a multidisciplinary approach to discuss legal questions.

  • Work in a professional environment


Suggested timeframes for taking full-time internship are mid-December to January and Mid-May to August.

Mode of Instruction

Students are, as part of their training and networking skills, must locate an internship position on their own. While students may request staff members for advice and make use of the Institute’s network to help to find internship positions, ultimately the responsibility lies with the student.

It is essential that each student starts to research internship possibilities and then applies for as early as possible. It is advised that students take the first initiative in finding an internship that best suits their personal and professional profile before approaching staff, guest lecturers or others in the institute’s network.

In the event of doubt, students should seek the approval from a staff member to check that the envisaged internship meets the course requirements before accepting an offer.

Assessment method

Students need to hand in an internship agreement, or an equivalent document that proves where and for how long they will perform an internship. At the end of the internship, students are requested to submit a short internship and reflection report, signed by their internship supervisor.

Reading list

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


International Institute of Air and Space Law (IIASL)
Law School, Leiden University
Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden, Netherlands
Postal address: P.O. Box 9520, 2300 RA Leiden, Netherlands
Phone : +31 71 527 8081


Disclaimer: This course has been updated to the best of our knowledge at the current time of publishing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fluctuating changes in lockdown regulations, all information contained within this course description is subject to change up to 1 September 2021.

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 after 1 September 2021, changes to the course description can only be made in the event of strict necessity and only in the circumstances where they do not impinge the interests of the students. Should there be a need for any change during the duration of the course, this will be informed to all students on a timely basis and will not be to the prejudice of students. Modifications after 1 September 2021 may only be done with the approval and consent of the Faculty Board.