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KPN Challenge: Human Rights and Corporate Governance


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Disclaimer: due to the coronavirus pandemic, this course description might be subject to changes. For the latest updates regarding coronavirus, please check this link.

Topics: project-based learning; human rights, interdisciplinary teamwork, corporate environment, consultancy, corporate governance, supply chain, EU regulations.
Disciplines: International affairs, politics, corporate governance, law (and any other subject that includes human rights in the curriculum).
Skills: consulting, interviewing, project management, networking, reflection, public speaking, target group oriented writing.

Admission requirements

This course is an (extracurricular) Impact Challenge aimed at talented master’s students. Admission is based on academic background and motivation.

There are 5 places available for this class.


Human Rights are becoming a more strategic theme, thanks to geo-political trends, new legislation and customer demands. KPN should define the impact of those developments and start to embed multi-dimensional governance on Human Rights to live up to the expectations of all stakeholders.

At KPN, we already take human rights into account in our risk management process, but we need more overall governance on the topic that includes suppliers, subsidiaries and our own operations. We should be aware which activities, locations and vulnerable groups can be identified. This requires an investigation on all aspects, resulting in an advice to adjust our policy accordingly and improve the governance.

In the end, we would like to receive an advice and an updated and improved version of our Human Rights statement.

Course objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • work within a team of students with diverse backgrounds

  • work in a project-based manner

  • analyse a real-life problem from within KPN from multiple angles

  • involve and interview multiple stakeholders, inside and outside of KPN, in the development of their proposed solution

  • incorporate feedback into their product(s)

  • reflect critically upon the current operational practices of KPN

  • write about current challenges in the field of corporate responsibility

  • present their results to a variety of stakeholders within KPN

  • display professional behaviour within a corporate environment

  • reflect on their personal progress, role within their team and their experience with working within a company like KPN

  • get more knowledge on human rights and how to manage this in a large organisation and in the value chain

Programme and timetable:

  • Kick-off Friday afternoon 12 November 2021

  • Regular group meetings will be planned in consultation with participants

  • On average, you will spend 9 hours per week on the project

  • Project runs until end of June 2022


  • KPN headquarters, Wilhelminakade 123, Rotterdam

  • Telecom office Maanplein 55, The Hague

  • Online

Reading list:

Reading list will be announced in class.

Course load and teaching method:

This course is worth 10 ECTS, which means the total course load equals 280 hours, or about 9 hours per week, on average.

  • Plenary meetings: 4 of 2 hours = 8 hours;

  • Sessions with coach: 12 sessions of 1 hour = 12 hours;

  • Independent group work: 140 hours;

  • Literature reading: approx. 30 hours;

  • Final report: 80 hours;

  • Final presentation: 10 hours

Assessment methods:

Individual assessment:

  • 30% Individual reflection report

Group assessment:

  • 50% Advisory report

  • 20% Presentation of (intermediate) results

The class will be evaluated in a qualitative manner (sufficient/amply sufficient/good, etc).

Students can only pass this course after successful completion of all partial exams.

Brightspace and uSis:

Brightspace will not be used in this course.

Application process:

Submitting an application for this course is possible from Monday 27 September up to and including Sunday 17 October 23:59 through this link (TBA). The registration link will also be posted on the student website of the Honours Academy.

Applicants are asked which challenge they want to work on. In their motivation they have to reflect on their affinity and/or experience with the topic.

*Note: students don’t have to register for the Impact Challenges in uSis. The registration is done centrally before the start of the challenge.

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