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Organische chemie practicum


Admission requirements

The Safety test must have been passed before the start of this practical; for BFW, this test is part of the course Inleiding BFW.


During this practical course, the students learn to perform the basic principles of organic chemistry, such as building an experimental set-up, working safely with chemicals, following a written procedure, performing and monitoring a chemical experiment, isolation, purification (determining yield) and characterization of molecules. The students work individually where it is essential to consult with the fellow students and to communicate well with the assistants. Before an experiment is carried out, each student discusses this with the assistant, and each student receives feedback on the first written report. Each student has a series of experiments consisting of making colored compounds, biologically active compounds and mechanistic insight. The student receives instruction and practice in structure elucidation.

Course Objectives

Conducting organic-chemical experiments. Clear reporting of the reactions and mechanisms and the results achieved. During the course, the student learns

  • "Independently" prepare an experiment, build a set-up, monitor the course og the reaction and work-up, isolate and purify a compound.

  • Plan to collect the necessary data and put it in the report before the deadlines.

  • Characterize and describe the compound via a written report.

  • To communicate with fellow students, assistants, TOA and teacher.


  • General Schedule: My TimeTable > click on Add Timetable > choose Course or Programme of study

  • Detailed Schedule: Brightspace module of the Course (after registration only)
    NB The detailed schedule may divert slightly from My TimeTable for example due to splitting of groups, interim deadlines, etc.. So always check the detailed schedule 2-3 weeks before the start of the course.

Mode of Instruction

Practical incl. written report; introductory lecture; work-lecture.
For this practical course the student is required to be present in the lab: a student may miss a maximum of 1 day due to personal circumstances, in case of 2 or more days absence a student may not continue with the practical.

Assessment method

  • Written report (1/3): each student writes a pre-determined number of short/full reports: the grades for each of these assignments are averaged.

  • Impression grade (1/3): the learning process, experimental skills, planning, being present on time, good communication, etc. are considered.

  • Theory (1/3): there is a mandatory test

An additional condition to pass the course is that for all components the grade must be at least 5.5 and the weighted average must be at least 6.0.

Reading list

Practical manual.


In order to take part in this Laboratory Course, registration in uSis via My StudyMap is mandatory for all students.

  • Registration for this Laboratory Course closes 28 days before the first activity, i.e. the introductory lecture of the first group.

  • Only register for the parts you will actually attend, please; deregistration is also mandatory when not attending.


Mr. Dr. Ing. M. Overhand


Not applicable.