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Internship Minor Brain and Cognition


Entry requirements

Only open to students that are admitted to the Minor Brain and Cognition and who are doing the full minor of 30 EC.


Aim of the internship is for students to gain hands-on experience in an area of interest by learning from expert researchers in the field. Students become acquainted with various research designs and/or methods of data collection and analysis. Students could do this by participating, for example, in designing a study, data collection and data analyses, observing lab and testing situations and reading the involved research proposals. At the end of their internship, students write an internship report.

Course objectives

Students gain hands-on experience in designing and/or carrying out research in an area of interest.


Expected schedule in 2021 will be publishes shortly.


Registration with the minor coordinator.

Mode of instruction

140 practical hours

Assessment method

At the end of their internship, students write an internship report. This report is a summary of activities the student has done during the internship rather than a summary of research outcomes (i.e., focusing on the internship process rather than on the results of the research). The internship report format is determined and prescribed by the student’s supervisor and may differ between tracks, supervisors, and students, depending on the particular characteristics of the internship.
Students are assessed based on their project activities and the internship report, and optionally a written and/or oral report of the study. Project activities are assessed by a university staff member and, if applicable, by the daily supervisor in the institute where the internship has taken place.

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences has instituted that instructors use a software programme for the systematic detection of plagiarism in students’ written work. In case of fraud disciplinary actions will be taken. Please see the information concerning fraud.

Reading list

Relevant literature on the topic of the research.

Contact information

For your questions about the overall minor organisation, please contact the coordinator of the minor in Brain and Cognition
For your questions about registration, contact the OSC
For questions about the content of the course, please contact send an email to the coordinator