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Fundamentals of Population Health Management


Admission requirements



The subtitle of this course is “Moving from volume to value : health care professionals improve health care delivery in diverse populations.”

In this fundamentals course, students will be challenged to understand the current developments in health care. With rising costs, personnel shortages, improved technological possibilities and a changing epidemiology, the need for a more population oriented instead of a disease-oriented approach is emphasized. Basic principles of this population oriented approach, called Population Health Management (PHM), are taught. For all various components of this PHM-approach, we will scratch the surface during this course so that the student understands the big picture. This course can be seen as the framework of the whole Master's programme. In the following courses the various components of PHM will be studied more in depth. As such, the interdisciplinary character of PHM will become clear.

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student:

  • understands the underpinnings of transformations of value in health care;

  • knows and applies the distinctive essentials of Population Health Management;

  • is able to recognise and formulate the key features of Population Health Management Approach.

  • recognises the contribution of various science philosophical tradition to the interdisciplinary character of PHM


The timetable is published on the LUMC schedule website or can be found via the LUMC scheduling app.

Mode of instruction

  • Lectures

  • Research

  • Excursion

  • Online education

  • Group work

Assessment method

Students are assessed according to the following three obligatory components:

Week 1-2 – Online:
20% Peer review assessment

Week 3 – On Campus:
30% Group presentation

Week 4 – Final week:
50% Final assignment
All components combined make up the grade for the course. It is compulsory to participate in each of the components in order to receive a grade.
Details on the assessment can be found in the assessment plan on Brightspace.
A minimum result of 5,5 for the overall assessment is required to pass.
If the result is less than 5,5 or if the student didn’t participate in one of the components, the student is given the opportunity to resit the assessment as one assignment that covers all the learning goals of the course.

A final grade of 5,5 minimum is considered sufficient.

Reading list

The reading list can be found on Brightspace. The material consists of presentations and pdf files. There is no need to purchase literature, as the presented material is not commercialized.


Registration must be completed via MyStudyMap. Registration in MyStudyMap gives you automatic access to the course in Brightspace. For more information, please visit the Leiden University website for students.


Marc Bruijnzeels


This course is a combination of online education and on campus education at Leiden University Campus The Hague.