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Admission requirements


The aim of the Choose week is to learn to make a rational choice by means of a conscious strategy. Insight into the process of choosing is necessary for your orientation on a career and for your choice of a master program after you have finished your bachelor. Furthermore, it is required for the choice of research projects, courses and specialisations within such a master program. The program of the master Biomedical Sciences (BMS) in Leiden is used as an example. The week includes lectures on the content and the structure of this master and its various specialisations, as well as lectures on other master programs offered by the LUMC. It also contains workshops, e.g. on writing your CV and a cover letter and an interview with a junior scientist (BMS alumnus). You will obtain a lot of information to help you prepare for a follow-up of your bachelor, presented by both experienced scientists and relative beginners in various directions and the job market.

Course objectives

The student:

  • has obtained information on the master program Biomedical Sciences in Leiden, as an example of a master program and a possible follow-up of the bachelor BW;

  • is able to reflect on his/her knowledge, skills, experiences, goals and study choices;

  • is able to make a conscious choice;

  • has obtained insight in his/her requirements of a master program;

  • is aware of the actions he/she has to undertake in order to choose a master program that fits his/her requirements.


All course and group schedules are published on our LUMC scheduling website or on the LUMC scheduling app.

Mode of instruction

Assessment method

  • Mandatory attendance during the week, active participation in workshops;

  • Group assignments: I. report on an interview with a PhD student or postdoc and 2. report on an educational assignment;

  • Individual: written personal portfolio and CV and motivation letter.

Pass/no pass.

Reading list

The ‘Choose’ module book.


To participate in workgroups and exams students must register with uSis.