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International Security



This course is an undergraduate survey of the theoretical foundations of security studies and contemporary issues in international security. Building on the first-year Introduction to International Relations, the course introduces students to general theories, concepts and debates in the subfield, and applies them to a set of more specific topics in present-day international security. The aim is to enable students to think in a more theoretically rigorous and analytic manner about security issues and understand their relation to the broader field of International Relations.

Course objectives

Objective 1: Enable students to think critically beyond state-centered conceptions of security.
Objective 2: Locate the study of international security within a broader historical and political context.

Mode of instruction:


Assessment method:

Final exam (including multiple choice and open questions; 3 hours)

The time and location of inspection and debriefing of the exam will be announced via Brightspace no later than the publication of the grades.


Textbook: Williams, Paul and Matt McDonald, eds. 2018. Security Studies: An Introduction. 3rd edition. London: Routledge.
Additional readings will be announced in the syllabus, which will be available on Brightspace one week before the start of the course.


All relevant information (syllabus, additional readings etc.) can be found on Brightspace one week before the start of the course.


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Timetable - courses and exams

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