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Fine Arts: Drawing Dimensions



Participation in the admission for Drawing Dimensions consists of writing a motivation letter, completing an assignment and presenting a portfolio. These three documents must be uploaded before 1 June, 2022 in Osiris, the KABK's application system. If these are of sufficient quality, the student is invited for the second round. The second round is an online admission interview with the lecturer and coordinator.
In June 2022, you will be informed whether you are invited for the admission interview.
The application deadline is 1 June, 2022 at 23:59.
The online admission interview for Drawing Dimensions will take place 7 June, 2022.

More information about the application requirements of Drawing Dimensions:

  • Prepare a portfolio with at least 10 drawings. Please focus on a large scale of variety in subject matter, size and use of materials. This portfolio (max. 20 mb) should be uploaded as a PDF during the online application process.

  • Make a series of at least 5 drawings that are not made with your preferred hand. This assignment (max. 20 mb) should be uploaded as a PDF during the online application process.

  • Additionally, students write a motivation letter of max. 500 words in which they explain why they would like to participate in this elective and if or how they want to use their main studies as an inspiration.


Practicum Artium electives are a one-year programme organised by the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA), a collaboration between Leiden University, the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire.

Drawing Dimensions is a drawing course that starts with drawing from perception and exploring different dimensions in drawing. The medium can be explored and extended into performative, sculptural, digital, collaborative or cinematic directions for example. By introducing different drawing practices, students will get familiar with different techniques and materials, drawing perspectives and methodologies. Students will be expected to do research (theoretical and practical) on how to intensify the quality of their work. In the second semester each student will work on an individual or collaborative project, guided by the group and the tutor. The classes are highly depended on the input of the students themselves. Students are invited to take inspiration and material from their studies and research subjects and suggest input for the course schedule.

The final product isn’t the actual cause, the process towards it is equally important. Most important is that the student will find a way to develop a personal perspective in artistic practice. During the classes there will be both group discussions about the works of all students, as well as individual conversations with the teacher about individual works and your artistic processes. These discussions will be on a material or formal level (what do you see) and on a conceptual and social level (what is the reach of the work and what relations are being made?) Students will take part in collaborative drawing experiments facilitated by both tutor as fellow students

Please be aware that this is not a conventional drawing class where students only practice their (technical) drawing skills. Assignments, techniques and projects are taught to stimulate experimentation, the development of a personal perspective and to start an individual or collaborative project.

Course objectives

The objectives are to learn how to apply different drawing materials, different techniques and concepts. Understanding the interaction between the visual elements of an image, material, perspective and context. Learning what your work is about, being able to recognize core elements and emphasize them. Developing a drawing practise that is really your own.
If you are intersted in viewing the works of this year's students, please visit the online exhibition Reef of Art here.


Application deadline: 1 June 2022
Interview date: 7 June, 2022 (the date of the interview is not negotiable)
Lessons: Wednesday from 18:30 – 21.00 hrs.
Period: This course takes place during the full academic year; 14 lessons in Semester 1, and 14 lessons in Semester 2. Start date: first week of September
Location: all classes take place at KABK, Prinsessegracht 4, Den Haag, unless the COVID19 situation demands otherwise
Room: t.b.a.

Mode of instruction

Life classes with individual guidance and collective analysis.

Mode of assesment

Attendance to the lessons is mandatory for 80% Individual assessment of work at the end of the course. All assignments should be completed and present. At the end of the course there will be an exhibition. Participation in that is required.


Books and texts about drawing and art.


Liza Swaving


For 2022-2023 the deadline for application is 1 June 2022 at 23:59.
NB: This course is NOT available in Usis. Registration via Osiris: link will be published here.


This course is part of Practicum Artium. These courses are exclusively intented for students of Leiden University.

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